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125. my first blogpost by email

I just had a nice Chatroom session with my webserver host help technician “Stephen B” @ bluehost and he helped me isolate the problem of my emails not posting. We didn’t actually solve it yet, but at least eliminated a lot of possibilities. It wasn’t part of his job specification since its more of a WordPress problem (as the last tech person said before he cut me off) But Stephen B went beyond the call of his duty and helped me test out some troubleshooting methods.

Seems to be a problem with my dashboard setup only allowing posts with certain categories, so now I need to identify which is the magic category that will work!

……(few minutes later)…..

Aha!!! the secret ingredient to getting my posts to show on page 1 is to make them…..STICKY!!!….

My blogging coach explained what it means to be sticky a few months ago… but I’ve really forgotten. So I neglected to make all of them sticky recently… very tedious.

so if anyone can explain more what it means, and how I can make it my default….I’m all ears.!!!  Thanks.

So much to learn! and part of me says , wait until I learn how to do this better, but the advice from my book publicity course is that we “stumble forward” …by trying out things I learn more as I go, and get more feedback and help along the way.

So stumble forward everyone, in your worthy endeavors to help change the world and learn as much as you can as you go!

Cheers for your health!.

Peggy Pollard, “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife”

Author, Slash Your Next Cold from 10 days to 2 with a Teakettle

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