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Review of Amazon Bestselling Healthcare books

I have a lot more to write about in this blog column!

keeping my nose out of trouble

For these past 3 weeks I’ve been catching my breath, and catching up on tasks after my big exciting Manhattan Publicity Summit in October.  I returned home, happy that I really beleive I’m on the right track with this project, but just before that awful Hurricane Sandy devastated the entire East Coast Our hearts and prayers go out to our colleagues back East.

Since I’m new to this type of publicity effort, I’ve been boggled with learning SOoooo much about how to get the word out about this book project, and its taking me a while to sort out the tasks and start to develop my plan, strategy and simmer my schedule down.

Part of this   has been a big process of learning how to produce these blogs, and trying, unsuccessfully, to keep up the homework while I’ve been going through my weekly book coaching teleseminar program. The hard part has been for me to keep focused on my important tasks, because anytime I start to do something in my email or on the internet… one website leads to another, and another and i get more ideas, and, well, hours go by and I find I didn’t get done the original task I set out, and often even forget what that task was!

So I’ve been signing up for the next incredible and helpful programs so lining up months of glorious publicity work for myself. And hoping that a systematic strategy will emerge to me as I sort through all the possible programs.

,  and  I’m starting to review Amazon books on healthcare to glean all the trends in healthcare advice.

I was chagrined at first, to see that my “Four Pillars Of Health” seemed to be already taken by another MD who has written on “The Seven Pillars Of Health,”


But on closer examination, while we do have some overlap, the esteemed other doctor and I clearly have very different philosophy on what is really important to maintaining good health.

We do agree on Sleep and Exercise as each being A Pillar.  I would certainly include “water” as being included, categorized within my Pillar of “Diet/Healthy Eating. ” But this doctor felt it to be worthy of an entire Pillar unto itself!


And, in my quick survey analysis of many of the titles,  the popular topics seem to be giving us their Super Secrets to Super Immunity for Super Health:

Most of which seems to be diet, diet diet.  And then all the other medical specialties have special care of course.

Well, if we don’t have magical secret ingredients, then at least they can appeal to us by revealing secret powers in the same old ingredients. Right?

And then there are paleo diets, caveman style, but no grains? Why are grains out? because its a new combination of same old ingredients, but with a special secret combination twist, that will give us superpower.

Clearly my interpretive analysis blogging skills are still sorely needed in this whole healthcare literature genre to make sense of it all for you dear readers.


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