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129. Sharkie’s Pep Talk Radio Interview

Greetings to Sharkie’s Pep Talk radio fans!

I’m delighted to be on the show today and share with you my advice for how you can get over your colds faster and back to your great life.

You can do it! I’ll tell you how

(and please pardon any problems with my website, I recently changed the theme and need to reconfabulate a lot of the settings. Maybe I need Sharkie to give me my own pep talk on website design, eeeek!)

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I would also love to hear your honest feedback, so PLEASE leave comments!

I’m in beginning stages of writing my book on the Common Cold “Slash your next Cold from 10 days to Two– with a Teakettle”  featuring cold remedies from around the world, as well as my advice based on mainstream medical research adn my husband’s 30 years of treating thousands of patients in Emergency and Urgent Care clinics.

For your healthy happy life

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

One Response so far.

  1. It was fun to be on the show, thanks for having me on, Sharkie! Yeah, you are right, your Bikram Yoga should be very helpful for getting over colds,
    … but …
    its important to keep yourself warm AFTER the class too, especially if you are all sweaty, the cold virus takes another day or two to die off, so important to keep yourself consistently warm over 24 hours.

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