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Who Are Medical Researchers (part 4)

 Who are Real Medical Researchers?

(Continued from part 3)

medical researcher

This could also be medical researcher. And he IS! How can we tell? Because he uses The Scientific Method

Now look carefully at #3 and #4.  These are where the big problems happen. There are often research studies done that do NOT follow #3 and #4.

Then we call that a bad , or poorly done study.  Guess what?  Many medical research studies done around the world are bad or poorly done. It is up to the scientists to make sure they are following #3 an #4. It is not easy to do.

And a study should also be done with enough numbers of test subjects (whether human volunteers or animals, or other subjects), over and over again until the important truths are made clear. This is also not always done. Some studies are done with very small number of test subjects. Some are done only once. Some are done many times, but the results come out very differently on many of the results.

It is also VERY expensive, what with paying for all those scientists salaries, and volunteers, and even the lab animals, equipment, etc.  One medical research study can easily cost a million dollars! A whopping $94.3 billion was spent on clinical trials in 2003 in the U.S..

So who DOES do these studies well?

We tend to trust academic institutions, such as universities, and government institutions. because of course that is what they are for.

But there are also lots of private research institutes that are run by for-profit companies. They may be doing their own research in order to find products to sell. This happens a lot. Understandably they want to make a profit on selling their products.

Every business wants to make a profit. That is a fine and noble goal. But unfortunately it makes studies funded by the profit making company’s have a conflict of interest.


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