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Who Are Medical Researchers (part 5)

Continued from part 4)

medical research

medical researchers, not only scientific method, but should be meta- and peer-reviewed. To alleviate problem of biases

The scientists paid by the profit-making company cannot help but be influenced by their paycheck to be incentivized to give results that are possibly more favorable for the company,

And the scientists, who want to keep their funding sources happy,  are given financial incentive to tend to ignore results that are not favorable. It’s just basic human nature to do so.

But unfortunately this does make the researchers biased. They have financial incentive to show results that are favorable to their funding sourches, who are selling the products

So how do we know who is following the best scientific methods?

EXCELLENT QUESTION!  We don’t know, and we cannot assume they are until we see.

Fortunately there are also Government watchdog institutions, like the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, whose job it is to see what medical research is being done well or not.

But they don’t always know either since they don’t have ability to see all the research..

What about international researchers? Are some countries better than others to follow The Scientific Method in their research?


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