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8. Why Does “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” Think She Knows More than NIH and CDC?

So the NIH And CDC say that cold temperature does NOT affect you getting the Common Cold virus.

Why does “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” think she knows more than the NIH and CDC?

Peggy Dr. Bob and sons

Because she is married to Dr. Bob, who  has been studying the top mainstream medical research on the Common Cold since he was an honors student at University of California San Francisco Medical School (one of the top 5 in the U.S.)

Because for 30 years Bob has been telling her the stories of his treating thousands of patients in ER and Urgent Care clinics, sometimes up to 50% of them coming in for Common Cold. He has seen over and over again the treatments that work the best.

Because my own research into medical literature shows that the single most important element lacking in almost all current medical advice online, and in literature, is the very thing that is common in most of the folk remedies I’m hearing about from international friends.

Because I’ve seen its true in my own life, in my family’s lives, and many people who have tried our advice for warm steamy therapy and they’ve affirmed that it works for them as well.

Because it is well known that the lack of “experimental research” for common cold temperature theory is very likely due to the research being virtually ALL funded now by major pharmaceutical companies who are looking for money generating medicines, not plain & simple steam therapy.

Because I work with very brilliant academic researchers, professors And I’ve seen that sometimes they are so darn close to their technical work that they have a hard time seeing how it applies to normal people.


Because I’m a journalist and trained to recognize a great story when I see it unfolding!



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