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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

My First Book!!!!

Advice from the ER:

Your Common Cold:

 — How to Get Better Seven Times Faster

By Peggy Pollard, “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife”

Yes, we tell you how YOU can get better from your cold 7, that’s SEVEN, times faster than what your doctor predicts.1-2 days instead of 1-2 week.

Using the best remedies from around the world.

And It explains why all medicine you buy and most advice you hear doesn’t work.

In this Book, Peggy — yes THAT Peggy –THE famous Silicon Beach Blogger, “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” (line for autographs forms to the left, please! hahaha)

where were we? ….got distracted by the dazzling vision of my fame and notariety….ahem,

Oh yes, the book, the book…(gotta write it first, though)

In this book, “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” (notice I’m practicing my branding-thing too) will cover…

1. The Best Advice from Around the WORLD!!! starting with my awesome husband…

Dr. Bob Pollard graduated with honors’s Alpha-Omega-Alpha (top 10% of class) from the University of California San Francisco, Medical School. (one of the top five medical schools in the nation)

The book is based on advice developed in his 30 years treating thousands of patients in his Emergency Room and Urgent Care clinics in Northern California.

2. Intelligent analysis of the Medical Research on the Common Cold. His advice is informed by the preponderance of data from the BEST medical research that has been publicized in mainstream medicine.

3. The book also includes international cold remedies from many friends around the world. Some of it funny and weird, but much of it is actually in line with Bob’s advice, using warmth and steam to treat the Common Cold. Does this prove we are right? You be the judge!

Peggy has been working for 23 years with international students, many brilliant people who are now all around the globe. So far most of my friends I’ve asked about their Common Cold remedies are delighted to share their favorite’s from home.  Sometimes their methods are based on medical advice, often times not.

And my next research project for the book is to explore what medical experts in those countries advise their patients for treatment of Common Cold.

You will laugh. You will cry.  You will be uplifted. You will sneeze and want to run to the kitchen for a nice cup of steamy hot tea…

.  The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Bizarre –yet all are universal expressions of kindness and caring to ourselves and our loved ones. The ways that people around the world have developed for centuries to comfort and nurture each other in our most common times of illness.

Sound good?  I’m looking forward to sharing this great adventure with you, dear reader, as we explore this most mundane and widespread of all diseases in

(drum roll to crescendo…sheesh, I need to hire a production team here…can’t keep doing this all myself)

“Your Common Cold: How to Get Better Seven Times Faster”

(James Earl Jones voiceover intones)…”Now in research phase. Expected publication date Spring 2013.”

You can read my blog on the Common Cold “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” giving you the latest and most intelligent information on The Common Cold and related personal healthcare topics.

Look for our upcoming surveys and collections of stories related to the Common Cold!

WANTED:  Recipes of your favorite food or drink to get you through your colds from Chicken Soup to Hot Rum Toddies….Post ’em below..

If you have a story of what does or does not work — good bad, funny, sad, wacky, zany, homespun or anything of interest to our readers, please email me!  I’d be glad to hear and consider it for our book.

If you would like to test out our therapy yourself and give feedback please let me know.

Waiting to hear from you!!!!

For your good health!

“Peggy The Doctor’s Wife”